Light Can Help You continues to have an outstandingly productive year, and we continue to be thankful for our wonderful team. As we did last month to celebrate, we are featuring our designers one at a time so that everyone can get to know our team better. We’re excited for a chance to tell the world about our great staff and the awesome work they’re doing for us. So without further ado, here is May's BRIGHT DESIGNER!

Sriti recently moved from the bay area where she has been working in the lighting industry for more than 6 years and brings 8 years of global design experiences. Throughout her career she successfully collaborated with award winning design firms in an extensive range of commercial, residential, public and hospitality projects. 

Sriti's journey towards lighting started when she was in architecture school in India. She finished her masters in architectural lighting design in 2013 from Hochschule Wismar, Germany. Her lifelong goal is to bring light and human together in a built space.

Sriti Singh left behind a career in large-scale commercial and hospitality lighting design to lead a new studio for us as Senior Lighting Designer and quickly became an integral member of our leadership team. 




Studio Leader, Studio Soleil

How do you help people with light?

LED has created so many possibilities in the lighting industry that “fits all”  approach is now considered outdated. Every one deserves to get a  tailored design per their need and budget. I am humbled to a part of that initiative.


Tell us a little about your background and experience:

I was introduced to daylighting in my architecture school, fascinated by its effect, I decided to explore more and stumbled upon electrical lighting design.  After finishing my master’s in architectural lighting design from Germany I worked with several lighting designers based out of California.


What was the most recent (or most interesting and recent) project you completed?

Before joining LCHY I finished few SFO projects which made traveling more fun. Every airport became an opportunity for learning.


Did you have an “ah-ha!” moment that made you turn to lighting design?

Yes, when  I realized how a properly designed interior courtyard changed the character of an enclosed space. It’s rhythm, vibrancy and playful light/shadow dynamics is forever stuck with me.


What is the most satisfying part of working with our dealer partners?

Having their perspective from the technical point of view is very helpful.


What do you think is the future of lighting?

I think, soon we will see a paradigm shift. Lighting design wont be considered a luxury but an integral part of every building design.


Why do you think that people need lighting design?

People need lighting to do better, to feel better and to live better. Which is luckily the main mantra of our company.


If there was ONE thing you could tell anyone that would make their lighting experience better, what would it be?

Hide the light!


What are your other hobbies/passions/pursuits?

Travel blogging, cooking different country cuisine,  photography, gardening, teaching, table tennis & dancing.


What inspires you?

Nature. Humans.


Anything else you would like to share with our partners?

I am glad we have the same mission, let's illuminate the world together. Cheers!