Our Favorite Details Take the Headache Out of Installation


Architects Using LCHY Details

June 10th, 2021— Light Can Help You has released our latest version of "Our Favorite Details" as a welcome addition to our standard set of deliverables for all of our clients. We recognize that there is a major cost to our Dealer partners in researching, planning, and executing "non-typical" lighting details.

Many clients are not aware of the time and expense involved in building, testing, and rebuilding the details included in a world-class lighting design. Without proper planning (or a lot of experience), details like coves, under cabinets, shelves, and toekick lighting look like anything from "lack-luster" to down right BAD. And we all know that poor execution is the fastest way to lose your clients trust (and potentially many future sales!)

Light Can Help You works closely with all of our partners to put together thorough details of our most common linear LED installations. Our experience and communication with so many integrators gives you the peace of mind to know what will work, how, and why. 

We are now including 3d models in our standard detail sheet to really give users a full sense of how best to execute them. Some details that are included in our details page include: cove, coffer, and beam lighting; under cabinet kitchen lights and toekicks; and stair step lights.

We are excited to offer this new tool with every set of project deliverables to help you save the time, effort and frustration and so you can put them back into your business. 


LCHY Details Master