Our Story

A Midlife Crisis

Our story begins with a farm boy growing up under the great prairie skies of the Midwest, but we will skip to the first few decades.  In love with light from a young age, the farm boy combined a love of architecture and theatrical lighting design into a career designing for the rich and famous (and for pretty big corporations).  Yet every night when he left the office, he also left the glitz and glamour of projects from casinos to cruise ships and went home to an ordinary house in an ordinary neighborhood in an ordinary town.

The farm boy (no longer a boy or on a farm) was approaching midlife when he asked himself “why can’t my neighbors have good lighting?”

The answer was simple. They could not afford professional help.

Then the farm boy had an [ahem] light bulb moment.  With the help of his collaborators, he figured out how to deliver affordable lighting design to anyone, anywhere.   Before long, business was booming and the team began to grow.  Light Can Help You was born.

Our founder still does a few cruise ship projects and houses with enormous budgets from time to time.  But now he and the team are doing what they love the most: helping others with light.

Photo by Hariton/Baral, Production Designers