Feel Better

light can help you feel better

Have you ever been to a restaurant or hotel lobby with a fireplace?  It is doubtful that the fireplaces in restaurants are used for cooking, heating, or light.  They are used simply to make us feel better.  Do we need a thousand tiny lights on our Christmas tree so that we can see the ornaments?  Not likely, but twinkle lights make us feel better.  Watching a sunrise or sunset is hard on our eyes, but it is light that makes us feel better.

Recent studies indicate that the right kind of light can reduce pain and shorten hospital stays.  Other studies show that the right kind of light (and the right kind of darkness) can help us sleep more soundly and wake more rested.   Research results show that some kinds of light trigger melatonin suppression (a sleep hormone) while others can trigger cortisol release (a stress hormone that helps us wake).  Investigation of the human eye shows that we have built-in sensors for light that are not used for sight- they simply send signals to our brain to drive the production of neurochemicals.  It turns out that the right kind of light can do more than make us feel good; it might help us be healthier, and we dig into the research to help you make sense of it all.

Light that makes us feel good can- and should- come from natural daylight.  Appropriately sized windows and intelligently placed skylights can dramatically improve our sense of wellness. 

After sunset, we too often choose the most efficient way for our electrician to get light into our home. The lowest cost choice usually means a bright, multi-bulb fixture or ceiling fan light in the middle of the room.  This approach saves the electrician time- which saves us money- but we live with that decision every day.  Adding layers of light for feeling better can bring you more benefits of the gift of light.  Next, consider light that helps you focus clearly.