Focus Clearly

light can help you focus clearly

When you are in the proverbial spotlight, the focus is on you.  This may be good if you are an actor, speaker, leader, or presenter.  But at home?  How and where we choose to deliver light makes an enormous impact on where we place our attention.   Perhaps you have a collection of art from travels around the world, or crayon drawings from a granddaughter.  Or you may love the outdoors and make all your walls out of glass.  Light can help you focus clearly on what you deem important.

Now imagine that you spend time and resources on the architectural design of your room.  It has nice features- lowered ceilings over alcoves, built-in cabinetry, beautiful woodwork.  What are you lighting in the room?  Too often light is focused on the drywall ceiling, arguably the cheapest surface in the entire space.  Light can draw attention to what makes our space unique and wonderful, if it is done well. 

Keeping us focused reminds us of what we value, and that helps tell your unique story.  Do you have this layer of the gift of light in your home?