Know More

light can help you know more

Light helps us know where we are, where we are going, and who we are with.  Imagine walking down a dark street.  Have you walked too far and missed your destination?  Is the shadowed figure approaching your friend or someone with unknown intention?  A little light could be quite helpful.  On the other hand, lighting your home like a supermarket parking lot will leave you even more uncomfortable.  We balance your needs to recommend just the right amount of light in the right places.

Now imagine yourself sitting in a completely dark room using a clip-on book light to read a book.  You might start feeling comfortable in the dark, until you hear a strange sound. It is basic survival instinct to want to know what surrounds us, and there is nothing that elicits a more primal feeling than being in the dark.  We need light for knowing where we are- light that illuminates enough of the floor, ceiling, walls, and furniture so we know what surrounds us.  This kind of light does not come from a recessed downlight, and we can help you choose fixtures that will.

Light for knowing more is a key component of any functional lighting design.  Light can be so much more than functional, but you need to unwrap the gift of light to reveal how light can help you feel better.