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Light fascinates us endlessly, and we want to share our passion with the world.  We cannot design lighting for every home, but we can share our knowledge with anyone who reads.


We are frustrated with the barrage of technical terms that are so often thrown at homeowners.  Sure, we can translate this sentence: “I need an 800-lumen A19 with a CRI of 90+, and L70 of 50,000 hours, ELV dimmable, with a CCT of 2700K.”  This language may be critical when we are doing our job, but we need a new language of light that helps us unwrap the gift and bring the promises home.  Visit languageoflight.blog for posts and advice on:


Designers, builders, and homeowners around the world visit Houzz.com for the incredible photo database, for advice, for products, and to find professionals.  Our founding designer is a frequent writer for Houzz, combining his unique approach to light with beautiful images from global designers.   Visit our Houzz profile for a collection of published stories such as:


You may not spend much time reading Lighting Design & Application, Live Design, Lighting & Sound America, Theatrical Design & Technology, or any of the other trade publications featuring our work, but sometimes we make (or write) the news in more friendly places.  Check the blog for regular updates for articles and mentions like these:


Homeowners, designers, and builders have viewed our writing well over 250,000 times, often leaving comments such as these:

 Exactly the information I was needing and for which I had been searching!

 Wow, this is the best info (article, etc.) ever about dining room chandeliers! 

 One of the best articles I’ve read in Houzz.  David Warfel’s framing of the layers of lighting is a great way of thinking about lighting, one that as a designer I will carry with me.

 This article is a simple, excellent tutorial on something super important but rarely addressed this well.  Thank you.