About Us

Light Can Help You is a fully distributed team of lighting professionals working in virtual studios to deliver exceptional lighting design across the North American continent and beyond. We leverage cutting-edge digital technologies to accelerate our process while preserving the hand-crafted individuality that reflects our clients’ unique needs. The end results are beautiful, functional spaces delivered to clients across a wide range of budgets and locales.


What does a lighting design team do?

Lighting layouts, characterized by circles on plans in tidy geometric grids, deliver enough light to meet building codes –essentially the lowest level of lighting required to be legal. Lighting designers go beyond layouts to consider client needs, budgets, locations, styles, and add in a deeper understanding of the science, technology, psychology, and physiology of light and the human body.

We use different light fixtures, put them in different places, and ask them to deliver different outcomes. The results help our clients wake gently, move energetically, relax easily, and rest deeply, all in a beautiful and comfortable environment after dark.

What makes Light Can Help You different?


We are best known for our digital sketches, a uniquely affordable artistic process that allows our clients to see their home illuminated before it is built.


We offer a range of services starting at our low-cost, fast-paced CORE service with no meetings and climbing to our bespoke, concierge-level Unlimited service.


We leverage data across hundreds of past projects to accurately recommend budget targets for architectural fixtures.


We go beyond lip service:  will not finish the drawings until you have confirmed a budget target and we have met it.


We are a fully remote business bringing exceptional lighting design services to locations previously underserved while hiring the best talent across the continent.


We partner with local custom integration specialists who assist clients with intelligent controls, low voltage distribution, responsive shading treatments, and performance lighting fixtures. These partnerships provide on-site support from start to finish while reducing travel expenses that would drive up our fees.

How did Light Can Help You get started?

Light Can Help You traces its roots back to 2002 when our founding designer opened his first lighting design practice. In 2015, frustrated with the high cost of lighting design services but encouraged by technological and scientific advancements, our company began a 3-year transformation into the Light Can Help You we know today. Finding our unique mix of quality services and streamlined processes allowed us to rapidly expand nationwide with a remote team of talented professionals delivering hundreds of designs per year without sacrificing personal attention, creativity, or craft.

Light Can Help You