Signature Pro

Revolutionary Design, Expanded

Our SIGNATURE PRO service is an expanded version of our most popular SIGNATURE service with expanded scope to increase collaboration with architects, interior designers, and builders. SIGNATURE PRO includes everything in our SIGNATURE service and additional meetings and revisions with your design team.

DISCOVER: Complete an online intake survey to help us get to know your project quickly and then meet remotely with our designers to discuss your goals. We dig in deep to make sure we understand your values and dreams. We are also happy to meet directly with your architects or interior designers to discuss the project.

DESIGN: Unique to our Signature, Pro, and Unlimited services, our groundbreaking digital sketching process overlays lighting solutions on 3D views of your project, even before it is built. This process enables you to make decisions the best way possible – from your point of view when living in the home.

DEVELOP: Our designers will revise sketches, prepare preliminary lighting plans, and study the budget parameters of the project. We meet remotely to review the design and discuss possible changes. We can also review drawings directly with your architects or interior designers to coordinate completion.

DELIVER: Complete a final survey and release and we will revise the drawings and complete the deliverables needed to build the project. You will receive comprehensive drawings, precise architectural fixture specifications, and detailed instructions to help your contractors get the job done right.

BUILD: We include a few hours of unspecified time after the DELIVER phase to answer contractor questions or make minor changes and increase the number up to (8) for SIGNATURE PRO. Need more time? Hourly agreements are available for as long as you need us.

We are architectural lighting designers focused on transforming spaces through concealed performance fixtures such as recessed spotlights and linear LEDs. Our work includes every fixture except decorative fixtures like lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers. We will suggest locations for decorative fixtures and add them to our drawings. Most clients work directly with an interior designer or lighting showroom to select the decorative fixtures.

What you can expect with SIGNATURE PRO:

  • A predictable, fixed-fee and fixed-scope service
  • Four remote meetings with our professional lighting designers
  • Up to (3) hours of additional meetings with your architects, designers, or builder
  • In-depth discovery phase to explore your project goals
  • 5-7 digital sketches to visualize your home in 3D
  • Revised sketches following our design conversation
  • Preliminary lighting plans and example images
  • A full revision following our develop conversation
  • Up to (3) additional revisions following design team coordination meetings
  • A completed design in as little as six weeks
  • Plans with fixture types and exact locations for construction
  • Zoning plans for easy control layout and switching
  • Selected interior and exterior elevations showing lighting locations
  • Full architectural fixture specifications for each fixture type
  • Decorative buying guides to help you choose chandeliers and more
  • Cut sheets for each architectural fixture type
  • Construction details to aid contractors
  • Installation instructions for the most frequently asked questions
  • Scene-setting guides for getting the lighting just right
  • (8) hours of revisions and RFI time following delivery

All meetings are remote via video-conferencing tools. This allows us to keep our fees low, work with clients wherever they are, and recruit the best talent across the continent.


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