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For clients who want to be deeply involved in the lighting design process, or for projects of truly exceptional quality, our UNLIMITED service allows us to respond with the utmost flexibility. As our only residential service with an open-ended hourly contract, UNLIMITED means the scope can change daily to fit the needs of the project without renegotiation.

Clients who want to delve deeply into the intersection of light and wellness, or who desire to push the aesthetic envelope far beyond the usual, will appreciate the freedom to add discussions and design meetings with our UNLIMITED service.

Architects and interior designers will find it easier to collaborate with our team without the fixed scope restrictions of our other services, enabling an unrivaled level of detail.

UNLIMITED is the perfect choice for bespoke luxury projects and for smaller, intricately detailed projects. There are few limitations on what we are able to achieve with UNLIMITED.

We are architectural lighting designers focused on transforming spaces through concealed performance fixtures such as recessed spotlights and linear LEDs. Most UNLIMITED projects will benefit from decorative fixtures, such as chandeliers and lamps, that are chosen by the client, architect, or interior design team. We are happy to assist this process in any way with our UNLIMITED service.

What you can expect with UNLIMITED:

  • A flexible timeline and project scope to respond to your changing needs
  • A dedicated team of world-class lighting professionals
  • Unique design solutions tailored to fit your project perfectly
  • Exceptionally crafted and complete deliverables
  • Everything you can expect from our Signature and Signature Pro services and more

Meetings are typically remote via video-conferencing tools.  This allows us to keep our fees low, work with clients wherever they are, and recruit the best talent across the continent. However, we are able to travel to UNLIMITED projects for site surveys, design coordination, project walk-throughs, scene-setting, and more.


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