We believe light can help everyone: our clients, friends, and both our literal and global neighbors. While we work hard to keep the cost of our services as low as possible, we recognize that not everyone has the resources to hire a dedicated lighting team. But that does not mean you should live with light that is not healthy or helpful, so we have gathered some of our favorite resources here to make finding better light easier.

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It is no big secret that I love light and enjoy finding new ways to deliver it to our lives. As a professional lighting designer, I spend a good deal of energy dreaming up solutions to everyday challenges and spend time regularly learning about new products and new techniques. There is plenty of discovery in […]

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  • Above-the-Ceiling TETRIS

    Yesterday I saw a LinkedIn post from another lighting designer featuring a photograph of a hallway under construction, with three parallel ceiling joists running down the hall. Each was filled with a round duct for heat and air conditioning. There was no explanation; there need not be. One look and I understand the pain: there […]

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  • The [NOT?] Easy Guide to Downlights

    History and literature are full of great tales of adventurers seeking the unattainable. There is the quest for the Holy Grail (“We’ve already got one.”), the search for the fountain of life (find it or die trying), and the hunt for Blackbeard’s treasure (he spent it on rum, I think). Right up there with the […]

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