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CORE is our fastest and most affordable lighting design service, perfect for tight timelines while delivering design far above ordinary lighting layouts.

CORE begins with a conversation with our local custom integration partners who are equipped to gather information and discuss budget, desires, and fixtures. Our partner will share that information with our design team and we will begin the work.

In as little as two weeks, you will receive a complete lighting design including plans, details, and exact fixture specifications. Our documentation will help your installers know exactly what to buy and where to put it for the best effect. Better still, our local partners can supply the fixtures and controls for a complete, working system.

Need to make changes? No problem. CORE includes one round of revisions. Simply share your feedback with our local partners and we will revise accordingly.

We are architectural lighting designers focused on transforming spaces through concealed performance fixtures such as recessed spotlights and linear LEDs. Our work includes every fixture except decorative fixtures like lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers. We will suggest locations for decorative fixtures and add them to our drawings. Most clients work directly with an interior designer or lighting showroom to select the decorative fixtures.

What you can expect with CORE:

  • A predictable, fixed-fee and fixed-scope service
  • Meet directly with our local partners to discuss your project
  • A complete design in as little as two weeks
  • Plans with fixture types and exact locations for construction
  • Zoning plans for easy control layout and switching
  • Full architectural fixture specifications for each fixture type
  • Cut sheets for each architectural fixture type
  • Construction details to aid contractors
  • Installation instructions for the most frequently asked questions

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