The Promise of Good Lighting

“Let There Be Light”

Light was the first gift of the universe. From when our ancestors first struck two rocks together to make fire, to the first civilizations worshiping the Sun, to now…picking out light bulbs. Our relationship to the light of our world has changed, and not all for the better.

At Light Can Help You, we start at the beginning, keeping in mind the power of light to help you see, know, and enjoy your world. We are endlessly fascinated with how great lighting can focus your attention and make moving with the ups and downs in life so much easier.

We’re obsessed with how light can help you, and it is our mission to put your needs in the spotlight. We obsess over the details of how to light your home in order that you can rest easy knowing that the first gift of the universe is yours.

5 Promises of Better Lighting


Light can help you do betterCooking

You need the right light to read without straining your eyes. You need light to chop vegetables in the kitchen, another type to comb your hair in the mirror, and another to knit or read a book. 

This is light for doing, and it is the most basic of our needs. We promise to get you light right where you need it to continue doing the things you love.

Dark StreetLight can help you know more

Imagine walking down a dark street. You have walked too far and missed your destination. Is the shadowed figure approaching your friend or someone with unknown intention? You immediately head towards the light to dispel your fears and recognize your friends. Conversely, a supermarket parking lot is well-lit, but who wants to hang out there?  

Imagine yourself sitting in a completely dark room using a clip-on book light to read a book. Your cozy little world is right there in that small circle of light. *creeeeaaaaak* Who was that!? 

There is nothing more primeval than the scares you get in the dark. We need light to know our surroundings, lights that illuminate the walls, floors, furniture, and yes, faces. And while we can’t always quiet your fears in the dark, when can shed light on them. We promise to give the right amount of light to be cozy and know your surroundings.


Light can help you feel betterCampfire

Fireplaces and Campfires. Christmas twinkle lights. Summer Sunsets. Sometimes we want light simply to make us feel good.

Scientific studies indicates that well-controlled light can help us sleep more soundly and wake more rested by triggering the hormones that help us sleep and help us wake. Other studies show that the right kind of light can reduce pain and shorten hospital stays. Research on the human eye shows that we have built-in sensors for light that are not used for sight, but rather for our body to respond to light’s direction, color, and intensity. It turns out that the right kind of light can do more than make us feel good; it helps us stay healthy.


Your collections

Light can help you focus clearly

When you are in the proverbial spotlight, the focus is on you.  This may be good if you are an actor, speaker, leader, or presenter. But at home? How and where we choose to deliver light makes an enormous impact on where we place our attention. Perhaps you have a collection of art from travels around the world, or crayon drawings from a granddaughter. Or you may love the outdoors and make all your walls out of glass. Light can help you focus clearly on what you feel is important.


Light can help you change easierSmart Lighting controls

The only way to ensure the right kind of light for doing, knowing, feeling and focus is to make sure we have light that changes. Moment by moment, day by day, we need the ability to tailor our environment to suit our present tasks, moods, and needs. Light Can Help You partners with some of the best lighting technology integrators in the country to help you develop the perfect controls that allow light to change exactly when you need it, the way you need it. 

As we age, our eyes change, too. We need more light as we grow older (the average retiree needs four times as much light as a teenager). If you light the house for your needs today, will it still work for you in twenty years? Will it work when you have friends and family of all ages in your home?

Light Can Help You will help you plan for you changing needs with multiple layers of light combined with intelligent controls and creative design, for your needs now and in the future.


Great lighting can help you reach your best life

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