Angelica Contreras

Angelica, an architect based in Honduras, discovered her passion for interior design during a course at NABA University. Her interest expanded further into lighting and the effect it can have in a space. Her main motivation is to expand her knowledge and skills to be able to create exceptional designs through lighting. Angelica uses her […]

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Annie Osborne

Annie lives by the ideology that your surroundings deeply impact your life. Annie earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Interior Design before moving to San Francisco, where she cut her teeth in luxury residential design. She is passionate about utilizing her experience to help clients realize their aesthetic and functional dreams. […]

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Joanne Glynn

Joanne completed her bachelor’s degree in architecture in Argentina before returning home to Honduras. Her passion for lighting began while working on renderings for residential architectural studios and is looking forward to continuous professional growth with Light Can Help You. She is motivated by learning from others and is part of the Light Can Help […]

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Alexis Cassidy

Alexis fell in love with the glitz and shine and found a divine path the moment she walked into her first lighting showroom. After finishing a business degree, Alexis built a career designing lighting and controls in high-end residential and hospitality projects in the ski towns of Colorado and beyond. Alexis is thrilled to expand […]

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Meghan Smith

Meghan S

Meghan’s interest in bettering the relationship between human life and the built environment led her to find and join the Light Can Help You team. Informed by degrees in Psychology and Interior Design and a Masters in Architectural Lighting, Meghan’s design solutions focus on how light positively shapes the human experience. Her passion for helping […]

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Lisa Sowinski

Lisa’s passion for architecture, interior design, and construction led her to her latest role with Light Can Help You. She followed her Architectural Sciences degree with experience as a design associate with a luxury home builder, a project manager with a commercial construction company, and more in real estate and design. Lisa loves helping future […]

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Karla Lainez

Karla Lainez headshot

Karla, joined our team shortly after her long time associate Alessio introduced us and she kickstarted a dramatic improvement in our 3D modeling process with her unique blend of architectural and technical skills. Karla Lainez started her journey in lighting design at Architecture Grad School and kept working and learning under Alessio’s guide for over […]

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Sharon Fuentes

Sharon Fuentes headshot

Sharon’s excellent software skills are a key component of our process from 3D visualization through to final drawings and her work supports many of our projects. Sharon is an architect based in Honduras with a growing passion for the lighting industry. She possesses excellent software skills and an eye for detail that serve as a […]

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Kim Davis

Kim Davis headshot

Kim has been fascinated with design since she was a kid analyzing the best way to arrange her bedroom furniture. During her tenure working as an interior designer Kim loved creating the lighting design portions of her projects, which led her to seek out more education from our founder, David. Learning how light can benefit […]

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