Brady King

Brady King headshot

Brady’s eagerness of storytelling through the use of light and the collaborative atmosphere of design has guided him through a career in theatrical and architectural lighting.  While earning his Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of California – Irvine, he illuminated the stage with his designs for dance and theatrical productions.  This ultimately […]

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Kelli Hernandez

Kelli Hernandez headshot

Kelli has always been fascinated with light. She began her career in theatre, and went to school at the University of California, Irvine to earn a degree in Drama with honors in Lighting Design. Since then she has gathered experience in any lighting she could get her hands on, including hospitality, retail, and commercial. She […]

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Alessio Urso

Alessio’s deep knowledge in light and health led to a chance meeting with the Light Can Help You team and the discovery of a shared passion for improving lives. Alessio is a seasoned architectural lighting designer with substantial international experience. He holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and is passionate about light’s effect […]

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Jessica Doyle

Jessica was the first Senior Lighting Designer on our team and our first to lead her own Studio and has completed incredible residential and commercial projects from coast to coast. Jessica got her start in lighting design in the theatre, designing lighting for plays, concerts, and opera. After almost a decade within the theatre, she […]

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Mark Langston

Mark is a lighting geek from way back. He got his start in the industry through the Navy Nuclear Power program as an electrician. He has been blessed with the gifts of good spatial perception and a mechanical tilted mind. As an Electrical Contractor he experienced his first framing projector fixture, and as they say, […]

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David Warfel

David Warfel is Midwestern farm boy turned lighting designer, author, and educator who passionately shares the gift of light. Whether blogging at, writing for or designing residential and entertainment experiences from coast to coast, David simply wants to help others live better lives through the scientific and artistic application of light. From the […]

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