A photograph of the number 40 on a rock wall outside of a business.

Seeing is Believing

I am excited to share a milestone with you but also wondering if the three plus years I’ve been blogging has been a waste of time. I started writing as a selfish endeavor to help me be a better lighting communicator.

Maybe I should have just built better lighting instead. In a perfect world, I could simply show people good lighting and not have to say much at all. If I could take you into your future kitchen and show you typical lighting and let you experience the transformational power of well-designed lighting, I would not need to “sell” my services as a designer. And I would not need to convince you that the layers of light were worth it because you would feel it and know.

We just took a huge step towards that ideal.

Close up and angled photograph of a series of colorful paintings

ProSource, an influential cooperative buying group for custom integration businesses, hired us to create a training program for their membership to help them advance in lighting. We set up a first level of online training courses but there is only so far you can take lighting with words and videos and pictures.

Seeing is believing. You have to be in the light to see the light. So ProSource also asked us to design and deliver a fully immersive education experience to take their training to the next level.

I am excited to announce that the ProSource Lighting Technology & Learning Center at the Dallas Market Center is now open!

Close up of a black lighting strip on a white ceiling

The Learning Center’s main feature is a functional replica of a cutting edge home complete with landscaped front entry and patio, living room, kitchen, and bath. We packed the Center with layer after layer of lighting learning opportunities so visitors and trainees could see and feel the difference between color temperatures, between lighting techniques, between lighting technologies. We can demonstrate why ceiling geometry is less important than wall geometry when laying out a lighting plan. We can demonstrate how under cabinet lighting can be done poorly and done well. We can teach how light reveals texture and warms wood and adds drama.

The front door to ProSource is lined with plants and paved with brick. The front door is front and center in the photograph

More importantly, we can show you how light can help you live a better life. In the Learning Center you can feel how light will support you from waking up in the morning through heading off to bed at night. You can experience how light can make a space more relaxing or more energizing. You can see how good lighting might make your tasks easier.

The full learning experience will kick off for ProSource members later this year and we expect to see continuing education, client demonstrations, filming and more to happen from the Learning Center. Something tells me there will be another post or two here as well.

In the meantime, if you’re headed to Dallas, give us a shout to arrange a showing.

Wide shot of a kitchenette and island. The island is white with room for chairs for people to sit at. The cabinets for the kitchenette are dark brown.

Light Can Help You