DON’T/DO THIS: Living Rooms

I confess that sketching for the Don’t/Do This series is as fun as it is challenging. While this series allows me much greater freedom than last year’s 1THING series, that freedom comes packaged with a desire to “say it all” in a single room, a single sketch, or a single post. And if I know anything about lighting design, […]

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1THING: Plug In Living Rooms

An illustration of a standard lamp with a thin stem and a lampshade. Text underneath reads "the amazing lamp"

If the idea of ripping into a finished ceiling, pulling new wires, installing fixtures, repairing drywall, and repainting is discouraging you from improving lighting in your home, I sympathize. When I was a tad younger (okay, twenty years younger), I thought nothing of crawling through my attic, hacking away at decades old plaster, and pulling […]

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Living with Light

An illustrated diagram of a living room featuring a fireplace and mangle, two windows, and two easy chairs facing each other. "Light for knowing" labels a light fixture against the wall. "Light for story" labels the light pointed at a picture. "Light for changing" labels a light switch. "Light for doing" labels a lamp by a chair. "Light for feeling" labels the fire in the fireplace and a lamp on the mantle.

If you’re looking to review the layers of light and apply them to your living room, my article on (link below) would be a good place to start.  In addition to my oh-so-nifty sketch, you’ll find photographic examples of each layer from multiple projects in multiple styles.  Enjoy! How to Light Your Living Room […]

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Light for Doing: A Living Room

A living room packed with seating and tables with a ceiling fan light on

CFLS: Ceiling Fan Light Syndrome.  Great for vacuuming the carpet, awful for everything else. Everyone uses their living rooms differently, which means everyone’s idea of great lighting will be different.  In your living or family room you might watch television, read books, play games, relax on the couch, surf the internet on your iPad, knit, snack, […]

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Light for Knowing

A very pitch black image with the outline of a person shining a weak light towards the camera

Light isn’t just for doing- it is also for knowing where we are, where we are going, and who we are with.  Imagine yourself in a large room that is completely dark- you cannot see anything.  Now add the most basic light for reading- a clip-on book light.  You can see the pages now, yes?  […]

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Light Can Help You