EXPOSURE: Values & Stories

I continue to explore the overlap of lighting business and lighting language in the April/May 2024 issue of designing lighting in an article on light, values, and stories. The article is based on writing from the blog, but each time I circle back to the same topic I make new discoveries and find new ways to think and […]

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Above-the-Ceiling TETRIS

Yesterday I saw a LinkedIn post from another lighting designer featuring a photograph of a hallway under construction, with three parallel ceiling joists running down the hall. Each was filled with a round duct for heat and air conditioning. There was no explanation; there need not be. One look and I understand the pain: there […]

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Builders, Lighting, & A New Way

Lighting designers could help builders…if we can change our ways. Residential builders are often the most reluctant of the major stakeholders to support custom lighting design, and with very good reason. In a previous post, I meandered through the overlapping territories of lighting and building and thought about how lighting design is often a threat to […]

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Builders & Lighting

Lighting designers and builders often complain about each other…instead of partnering for the benefit of all. Custom residential lighting design – the way it is normally done – can be the enemy of a builder’s desire to complete the project on time and on budget. Great lighting requires more planning (adding cost and time), better […]

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It’s been a solid six weeks or so since my last traditional post, an unusually long stretch that may continue for a bit longer as I struggle to complete a few more projects and clear space for more creative writing. My proverbial pen has not been entirely neglected, however, and I will post articles I […]

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