It is no big secret that I love light and enjoy finding new ways to deliver it to our lives. As a professional lighting designer, I spend a good deal of energy dreaming up solutions to everyday challenges and spend time regularly learning about new products and new techniques. There is plenty of discovery in […]

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EXPOSURE: Focus & Change

I am continually grateful for the opportunities to write for magazines, including my longest-yet run with designing lighting. Randy Reid and the team at dl does a great job putting together this industry publication, and the results always look beautiful! My latest article is now live and revisits the promises that light can help us focus clearly and […]

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EXPOSURE: Fine Homebuilding

This blog is dedicated to changing the way I think and talk about light, perhaps helping a few others along the way. In the February/March 2024 issue of Fine Homebuilding, just released as I write this post, I was given the chance to push my language of light one step further. I have spent much […]

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On a recent Sunday evening I checked my email to discover a number of inquiries from prospective clients. It is not unusual for me to see those inquiries come in, but the quantity was far higher than usual. I chalked it up to a fluke. The fluke continued the next day and I asked my […]

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It’s been a solid six weeks or so since my last traditional post, an unusually long stretch that may continue for a bit longer as I struggle to complete a few more projects and clear space for more creative writing. My proverbial pen has not been entirely neglected, however, and I will post articles I […]

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EXPOSURE: Designing Lighting

Writing a new series for Designing Lighting magazine is giving me a chance to revisit some of the material posted here earlier this year, repurpose for a professional audience, and refine my thinking. The creation of a new approach to lighting is never done…and I am grateful for the opportunity to keep working! Click HERE to read […]

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CEPro, a leading custom integration magazine, is increasing its coverage of lighting and adding content designed to help integrators grow in the business. It is an honor to be included from time to time in that effort, such as the recent article on task lighting. Read it HERE! […]

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EXPOSURE: LHuman in Atlanta

It’s great to see our work on camera! Legrand made this great video of a project in Atlanta showcasing their LHuman control solution from Vantage, and I got to be there for the event (and ended up on camera, too). This is a good looking project that needed everything to work together: a forward-thinking client, […]

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