The Gift


Light is a gift, a radiant energy fundamental to human existence. Our ancestors revered the Greek Titan Helios, worshipped the Egyptian sun god Ra, and recorded the first words of the God of the Bible as “Let there be light.”

Light drives our entire food chain, helps us measure distance and time, regulates our days and nights, and helps us see the smile on another’s face. 

graphic with lightbulbs and confused person

Sadly, over the last century we turned light into lighting; a gift into a utility.  We stripped light of its power and created products that cause eyestrain and fatigue. Today, a flood of new products makes it ridiculously difficult to buy a simple light bulb and easier than ever to make expensive, long-lasting mistakes.

We passionately return to the gift.  Light can help us see what we are doing, know where we are going, feel better, focus clearly on what matters, and adapt to the changes that are part of every human life.  The result is a multilayered approach to lighting design that puts your needs in the spotlight.  We take care of the bewildering technical terms, endless product details, and construction details so you can relax a enjoy your home.

We like our lighting like cake: in layers.  Light is a gift, and we can help you unwrap it.  Read about the first layer: light that helps you do better.