The cover of Kitchens & Baths magazine no. 287 - Rethinking the Kitchen

Fine Homebuilding Kitchen

Imagine the future: light helps you keep your balance as you age, cuts down on point sources that cause glare, minimizes sleep disturbances, and helps you see what you are doing better than ever.

Wouldn’t it be nice?  Pushing these boundaries requires experiments like our recent lighting makeover at my parents’ farmhouse in Illinois.  The result was a feature article in the Kitchens & Baths magazine by Fine Homebuilding, Winter 2019.  If you are a subscriber to FH, you can read the full article.

The same kitchen lit two different ways, the update is on the right.

The bulk of the story centers around the kitchen remodel and what linear lighting can do for a space, as mentioned in an earlier blog post.  On the left: the kitchen with my 15-year-old design.  On the right: the remodel.  We learned a lot, made a few mistakes, and found fixes.  We did the install ourselves so we could find out how frustrating some linear product can be- and learn how to find the right product.

We also addressed smart home technology from a high-level view:

A comparative list of different smart lighting systems

The idea was to create a kitchen that could support aging-in-place (or as Doug, editor of Technology Designer says, living-in-place) with lighting and with voice-activated controls. New products abound, giving us more options than ever. Check out the article online or grab one from the newsstand.

Light Can Help You