A screenshot of the More BS* + Beer YouTube video featuring headshots of the six co-hosts and guests that appear on the episode

More BS* + Beer

And…we’re back. The conversation around my first BS* + Beer guest appearance was so, er, illuminating that we found ourselves together just a few weeks later. This time the focus of the conversation was on lighting for the rest of us, or practical strategies we could apply on our own projects.

Once again the hosts and guests included builders, electricians, architects, and design/build professionals and we chatted for an hour and a half answering questions and discussing the intersection of light and building.

Lighting designers and builders and electricians can work together to deliver better results, but it takes a willingness to collaborate from all parties. When we craft solutions together, we can make the transition to better lighting easier.

And that can mean brighter days for everyone involved. Check it out:

Light Can Help You