We All Need Control

It is time to retire your light switches and dimmers…if you want to get the full benefits of good light back into your life. Get them back? Yes, you and I lost out on natural light’s benefits when our ancestors decided houses were better than tents and offices were better than fields. They moved indoors, […]

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Light & Health: The Easy Way

A photograph of a camper at a campsite on a lake. Across the lake is a mountain. The scene looks very pleasant.

If you or someone you know suffers from Social Jet Lag, Ambient Light may help.  Talk to your doctor before using Ambient Light.  Possible side effects include… I can hear the television commercial extolling the virtues of the latest miracle drug, Ambient Light.  It energizes you in the morning!  It is clinically proven to reduce the […]

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Less is … Less.

a greyscale CAD sketch of a bedroom with lighting fixtures throughout

“Do we really need all those lights?” If you ask me to help lay out lighting for your living room (or kitchen, or bedroom, or bathroom…), the probability of me increasing the quantity of light fixtures is about a million to one. Increasing the quantity of lights does not mean there will be more light, […]

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Light & Health: Social Jet Lag

A photograph of bright green trees in front of a bright, blue summer sky.

Please note that I am not a doctor, nor a lighting researcher. I am a designer trying to understand how the gift of light works on our mind and bodies. Light will help you heal faster!   Light will improve your test scores!  Light will reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia!  Light will help you relax […]

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Light for Feeling: For Rest

A photograph of a white bedroom with two windows and a bookshelf between the windows. The nooks by the windows are lit by wall sconces

When my wife was expecting our second son, I turned my remodeling do-it-yourself muscle towards an unused room occupying our former attached garage.  Hastily turned into an extra room by previous owners, the space was all but unusable and served as a storage room while we remodeled the rest of the house.  Now, with our […]

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Light for Knowing: A Dining Room

A dining room where the far wall is almost entirely windows.

Most dining areas, whether small traditional rooms or large contemporary spaces, have one thing in common: a table.  It is easy, therefore, to begin lighting the dining room with light above the table that provides light for doing,but stopping there would leave the room unfinished.   If we do not address light for knowing, the dining room will […]

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Stone & Brick Featured on Houzz

An illustrated diagram featuring three different types of lamps that illuminate stone and brick: up-down sconces, reveal lights, and glows.

I enjoy crafting articles on Houzz.com for a number of reasons, including having access to millions of photographs of beautiful projects.  When writing the most recent article (link below), I found dozens of examples of lighting stone and brick to include.  But my favorite aspects of the process are figuring out how to simplify my […]

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Light Can Help You