The [NOT?] Easy Guide to Downlights

History and literature are full of great tales of adventurers seeking the unattainable. There is the quest for the Holy Grail (“We’ve already got one.”), the search for the fountain of life (find it or die trying), and the hunt for Blackbeard’s treasure (he spent it on rum, I think). Right up there with the […]

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Finding the perfect downlight feels as easy as finding the end of the rainbow.

Theory: Red Velvet Cake

An illustration of a slice of red velvet cake on a plate

I can talk about lighting theory and ideas for hours (just ask my former students), but all my lighting knowledge can be encapsulated in a single piece of delicious Red Velvet Cake.  If you read just one post on this blog, or remember just one idea, I hope this will be the one. Red Velvet […]

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The Language of Light

The top of a white mantle with a small cut crystal lamp and dark vase on top of it

Professional lighting designers have a secret language.  We use our coded language to streamline our conversations with other insiders, and like a secret handshake that lets us identify other members of our inner circle. Outside of that circle, the language is utter nonsense. “I would love to find an LED with a 3000K-1600K variable CCT […]

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