Cover for Designing Lighting magazine for August 2022

EXPOSURE: Designing Lighting

The first article in my series on residential lighting for Designing Lighting is out, and I am honored to be a part of this magazine! Getting the series together was not easy, however, and I have a long way to go before all six articles are complete.

What makes this hard? Writing for a peer group of professionals always intimidates me because I know there are readers with far more expertise than me. So what can I offer the reader?

Eventually I came to a new concept: Lighting Hope. In this series I will explore the missing middle of lighting, the sweet spot between the expensive design I know and the cheap, glare-inducing junk found in nearly every home. I believe there is a better way. The challenge is to find it together.

Read the article here and stay tuned for more from this series.

The opening spread of the article This Series is Not About Better Residential Lighting - It's About Hope by David Warfel

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