Don’t/Do This: Primary Bedrooms (Modern)

This post is a continuation of my Don’t/Do This: Primary Bedroom exploration. My Don’t/Do This series are a lot of fun to sketch and imagine. Too much fun, perhaps, as the post on primary bedrooms has now ballooned into three. Without much forethought, I find myself creating an increasingly comprehensive series aimed at comparing and contrasting what to do […]

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DON’T/DO THIS: Primary Bedrooms (Traditional)

One of my writing goals is to simplify the scientific and technical aspects of light into actionable advice, and the Don’t/Do This series is perhaps the most aligned with this purpose. The intent is to provide a simple list of strategies to utilize in a home, space by space, alongside pitfalls to avoid. Sounds easy, right? Working […]

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EXPOSURE: Light Readings Against Humanity

The fifth article in my series exploring the past, present, and future of lighting at home has just been published in Designing Lighting magazine. Too often, point-by-point lighting calculations, sometimes called heat maps, are used to justify a lighting proposal of recessed downlights. This is the same method used for gas station canopies, but homeowners […]

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Light Can Help Us #6: Do Better

Recently our team delivered a continuing education webinar on layers of light for residential and hospitality spaces, a session I have led many times.  Each time I revisit the material and update the presentation based on what I have learned since the previous outing. While preparing for this latest offering, I made a new mental connection […]

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