We All Need Control

It is time to retire your light switches and dimmers…if you want to get the full benefits of good light back into your life. Get them back? Yes, you and I lost out on natural light’s benefits when our ancestors decided houses were better than tents and offices were better than fields. They moved indoors, […]

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Lighting Larceny

Crime Scene Do Not Cross yellow tape over a blurred out background of brown grass

COMMON MISTAKES THAT STEAL YOUR COMFORT AND JOY They are all around us, lurking in our homes and threatening to harm us every day and every night!  Be very afraid!  Stay tuned for updates!  Oh no! I like to think of myself as the Evangelist of Light, spreading the good news that light- the first […]

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The Electrical Walk Through

A bedroom in a house in the process of being built, no drywall up yet. Sun is pouring in the window at the back. Sketches over the photo imagine where furniture, lights and art will be placed once the room is finished

Sadly, my latest article on Houzz.com received about 10,000 views in the first week.  Why is this sad?  Because way more people need to prepare for their electrical walk-through, when most residential lighting “design” is done with a Sharpie and the “you need about four cans here” approach. Make it 10,001 by reading the article […]

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The Best & Worst Light Bulb

A closeup of a square shaded lamp with the lightbulb on

I finally found it: a light bulb that performs just like the beloved 60-watt incandescent. And I am very, very unhappy.  Angry. Because this pack of bulbs costs me $4 to buy but will lock me in to spending an extra $300 over the next decade.  And that’s not the only downside.  Let me explain. I […]

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Mix & Match Lighting

A wide hallway in a resort hotel with windows and potted palms on the left and doorways on the right, with four chandeliers at intervals

I live by the rules. But am I wrong? One of those rules is to never mix warm white bulbs (yellowish) with cool white bulbs (bluish). I learned this rule back in the fluorescent day by looking at ceilings where some bulbs were pink and some were blue and the end result is that the […]

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Change is the Only Constant

Middle school aged kids walking into an empy lunch room with large windows on the right and tables to the left. There is a stair way with a mural behind it in the middle of the room.

I am as guilty as the next lighting designer.  See my design above for proof. Once upon a time, light indoors depended on light through windows or flames from candles, lamps and fires.  The windows were automatically scheduled to turn on slowly in the morning and turn off slowly in the evening.  They changed intensity […]

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Is Smart Lighting a Dumb Idea?

A wood finished attic room with a desk on the left with a chair and computer and purple lighted lamp

No. Er, Yes. Wait a minute, is this a trick question? Retailers and websites are hawking new smart gadgets for our homes incessantly, essentially trying to do what Apple did for smart phones: make them cost a whole lot more. There are smart coffee makers, smart pet feeders, smart doorbells, smart thermostats, smart irrigation systems, […]

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Sorry, Mom.

An overhead light that has a gold base and tip, and a textured clear glass globe

My mother has carefully and meticulously curated a style for the family farmhouse over the past 45 years of residency (we’ve had the farm since about 1882, but none of us remember that). In the 1970’s and 80’s when I was growing up it was, well, very 1970’s. Then, when we finally all went off […]

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Light Can Help You