Light for Storytelling

A dining room where the far wall is almost entirely windows looking out onto a small river or creek.

Professional lighting designers use different terms like task, ambient, and accent light when describing what they do. And they may not always talk about storytelling, but it is embedded in their work none-the-less. When I’m working with a client who is converting an old brick warehouse into a frozen yogurt shop, I might suggest neon […]

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Light for Changing

A bedroom with the bed off to the left, the right shows two windows framed with built in drawers and shelves and window seats

Imagine yourself in a windowless, featureless room, like an exam room at the hospital.  There is a light switch on the wall that turns on the overhead fluorescent fixtures.  You can have bright white light or pitch dark at the flick of a switch. And those are your only two choices.  So most of the […]

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Light for Feeling

Tree branches with yellowing leaves against a blue sky

Once you have light for doing and light for knowing, it’s time to think about light for feeling. Can light impact how you feel?  Imagine yourself driving a car.  Suddenly, you see flashing red and blue lights coming from behind you.  Your heartrate rises, your brain goes to high alert, and you reach a state […]

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Light for Doing

A photograph of a desk underneath a slanted ceiling with a skylight. A lamp in the corner provides additional light.

Do you know how many footcandles you need to read a magazine?  Most likely not, and there is no reason you should.  But you are an expert at what you do in your home, and you need light to see it.  You need a certain kind of light to read your magazine, light that illuminates […]

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Theory: Red Velvet Cake

An illustration of a slice of red velvet cake on a plate

I can talk about lighting theory and ideas for hours (just ask my former students), but all my lighting knowledge can be encapsulated in a single piece of delicious Red Velvet Cake.  If you read just one post on this blog, or remember just one idea, I hope this will be the one. Red Velvet […]

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