On a recent Sunday evening I checked my email to discover a number of inquiries from prospective clients. It is not unusual for me to see those inquiries come in, but the quantity was far higher than usual. I chalked it up to a fluke.

The fluke continued the next day and I asked my partner “what’s going on? Why are we getting so many inquiries?”

Then I discovered that our CORE lighting design service had been featured on the Stud Pack YouTube channel. The video quickly topped 150,000 views and, two months later, we are still seeing inquiries come in. The experience has been eye-opening on the power of social media. Maybe I need to wipe out our old and terrible YouTube page and start over.

So here’s a big thanks to the guys at Stud Pack for the feature!

Watch the video on YouTube HERE. We are mentioned about 3:30 in from the top.

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