EXPOSURE: Fine Homebuilding

This blog is dedicated to changing the way I think and talk about light, perhaps helping a few others along the way. In the February/March 2024 issue of Fine Homebuilding, just released as I write this post, I was given the chance to push my language of light one step further.

I have spent much of this blog exploring what I have come to call the five promises of light: light can help us do better, know more, feel better, focus clearly, and change easily. Over the past year I dedicated a series to revisiting these promises with the hope of developing them a bit further. What emerged was a bit of a surprise: a new language that has quickly become my favorite way to talk about light.

Fine Homebuilding gave me the opportunity to explore this new language and its embedded prescriptions for better light. I am grateful for the editorial work and for the beautiful illustrations they built for the article. Languages are meant to live, and this article proves that the language of light should continue to evolve along with our understanding.

Click HERE to visit the magazine for the Feb/Mar 2024 issue; subscription is required for full access.

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