Dark Sky, Bright Home

An exterior shot of a house with downward-facing outside lights.

I recently wrote an article for Houzz.com on how to make the outside of your home welcoming at night. It had been awhile since my article on downlights drew so many sharply divided comments, so I had grown complacent and used to the vanilla “great article” responses. Whoops. While many readers appreciated the article and the […]

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Welcome Home

DO: dimmed recessed downlights, pendant with frosted glass, large langern with amber glass, spotlights on features, concealed step lights, shielded path light DON'T: low profile downlights, glaring pendant, undersized lantern, spotlights add extra glare, glaring step lights, tiny ineffective path lights

While at a business lunch a few hours ago, I had to look up today’s sunset time so I could arrange to meet the client at the project site after dark to view the new lighting.  My weather app told me 8:15.  That’s good for tonight, as I won’t have to stay awake as long. […]

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Summer Nights, Patio Lights

A drawing of a patio lit up with fairy lights, tree lanterns, sconces, table lights, uplights, and footlights.

My latest story published on Houzz.com (link below) features photos from Houzz’s deep archive of photos and a sketch that simplifies patio lighting into six ideas.  Writing the articles is a fun challenge.  How do I make lighting design digestible?  Any suggestions you have are welcome. 🙂 6 Ideas for Lighting Your Patio […]

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Light & Health: The Easy Way

A photograph of a camper at a campsite on a lake. Across the lake is a mountain. The scene looks very pleasant.

If you or someone you know suffers from Social Jet Lag, Ambient Light may help.  Talk to your doctor before using Ambient Light.  Possible side effects include… I can hear the television commercial extolling the virtues of the latest miracle drug, Ambient Light.  It energizes you in the morning!  It is clinically proven to reduce the […]

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Stone & Brick Featured on Houzz

An illustrated diagram featuring three different types of lamps that illuminate stone and brick: up-down sconces, reveal lights, and glows.

I enjoy crafting articles on Houzz.com for a number of reasons, including having access to millions of photographs of beautiful projects.  When writing the most recent article (link below), I found dozens of examples of lighting stone and brick to include.  But my favorite aspects of the process are figuring out how to simplify my […]

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Light Can Help You