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Lighting designers and builders often complain about each other…instead of partnering for the benefit of all. Custom residential lighting design – the way it is normally done – can be the enemy of a builder’s desire to complete the project on time and on budget. Great lighting requires more planning (adding cost and time), better […]

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EXPOSURE: LHuman in Atlanta

It’s great to see our work on camera! Legrand made this great video of a project in Atlanta showcasing their LHuman control solution from Vantage, and I got to be there for the event (and ended up on camera, too). This is a good looking project that needed everything to work together: a forward-thinking client, […]

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A big shout out to CEPro for covering a recent project featuring Vantage’s LHuman control paradigm that shifts colors of the course of a natural day. This was a fun project to design with a great client, and one of of the earlier full-color daylight projects we’ve seen completed. Read more about it HERE. […]

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DON’T/DO THIS: Home Office

Most of my blog posts are written at the sit/stand desk in my office from home, a desk that also serves as my main place of work, day after day. Our company began moving towards remote work before the pandemic and never looked back, which means home offices and their lighting are pretty important to […]

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DON’T/DO THIS: Backyards

July seems like the perfect month to write a blog post about landscape lighting in a back yard. Our days are long and our evenings warm in Wisconsin right now, and we enjoy relaxing outdoors as long as the mosquitoes will let us. A little well-planned light will extend our evenings a bit longer as […]

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Light Can Help Us #9: Feel Better

Light for our bodies can help us feel better, and this may be the most important promise of them all. Throughout human history, discovery and invention have joined together to deliver turning points of epic proportions, moments at which all of humanity advanced into new eras. We discovered countless galaxies and nebulae and expanded our […]

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EXPOSURE: FHB ProTalk Podcast

A guest appearance on a podcast is always a bit unknown. Will the host ask questions that I struggle to answer? Will the conversation flow in strange directions? Will I enjoy it or be counting the minutes until it is over? All my fears were allayed on this recent episode of Fine Homebuilding ProTalk Podcast […]

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