1THING: New Build Media Rooms

With just two months left in my 2022 blogging plan, I’m already growing nostalgic about my 1THING posts. The artificial constraints of narrowing all lighting down to just a single solution for new builds or plug-in retrofits for a handful of common spaces gave me focus and structure for the year, and the sketching exercises […]

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A diagram illustrating the different lighting zones in a living room, labelled "get in the zone"

1THING: New Build Landscapes

An illustration of the yard of a house at dusk, with a box that says "trip hazards" with arrows pointing to the ground of the entire yard

My 1THING: New Build series title is a bit awkward when it comes to the great outdoors. Seldom are trees and shrubs and lawns built…rather, they are grown. Oh well, I never promised literary quality, just lighting ideas. If it makes you feel better, call this my 1THING: When-you-hire-professionals-to-do-the-work series. Wow, that has a nice […]

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GEAR TALK: The Full Lineup

An illustration of a light with elvish from the Lord of the Rings around the edge. One light to rule them all......and in the darkness bind them

“What is the lighting budget for our new home?” “We have 68 recessed cans at $150 each.” The Lord of the Rings books and films are staples in our household. The kids share LOTR memes, we have the extended-way-too-long movies, and there are copies of all the books strewn about the house. The beloved stories […]

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1THING: Plug In Home Office

An illustration of an office desk & chair with a full wall view of the outdoors

I could make this my shortest blog post yet: the 1THING I recommend for home office lighting that does not require an electrician is to simply add a pair of table lamps to your work surface. The end. Explaining my reasoning might take a few more words and conceptually mirrors my recommendation for hard-wired new […]

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Okay Lighting Design

A thumbs-up on the left side with the words "good lighting design" below it, and a thumbs-down on the right with the words "bad lighting design" below it

Lighting designers are trained from birth…okay, that’s an exaggeration and a cliche, so this blog post is not off to the best start. Where was I? Ah yes, lighting designers are trained to know the difference between good lighting design and bad lighting design. This morning I pondered the possibility that this embedded understanding of […]

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