The [NOT?] Easy Guide to Downlights

History and literature are full of great tales of adventurers seeking the unattainable. There is the quest for the Holy Grail (“We’ve already got one.”), the search for the fountain of life (find it or die trying), and the hunt for Blackbeard’s treasure (he spent it on rum, I think). Right up there with the […]

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Finding the perfect downlight feels as easy as finding the end of the rainbow.


It’s been a solid six weeks or so since my last traditional post, an unusually long stretch that may continue for a bit longer as I struggle to complete a few more projects and clear space for more creative writing. My proverbial pen has not been entirely neglected, however, and I will post articles I […]

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DON’T/DO THIS: Outdoor Living

For many years, nicer homes would have had a patio or deck behind the house to enjoy during the “season,” which might be summer in Wisconsin or winter in Florida. The patio or deck usually contained some outdoor furniture in wood or painted steel to resist the elements, and perhaps a table with an umbrella […]

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EXPOSURE: Designing Lighting

Writing a new series for Designing Lighting magazine is giving me a chance to revisit some of the material posted here earlier this year, repurpose for a professional audience, and refine my thinking. The creation of a new approach to lighting is never done…and I am grateful for the opportunity to keep working! Click HERE to read […]

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CEPro, a leading custom integration magazine, is increasing its coverage of lighting and adding content designed to help integrators grow in the business. It is an honor to be included from time to time in that effort, such as the recent article on task lighting. Read it HERE! […]

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