The [NOT?] Easy Guide to Downlights

History and literature are full of great tales of adventurers seeking the unattainable. There is the quest for the Holy Grail (“We’ve already got one.”), the search for the fountain of life (find it or die trying), and the hunt for Blackbeard’s treasure (he spent it on rum, I think). Right up there with the […]

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Finding the perfect downlight feels as easy as finding the end of the rainbow.

EXPOSURE: FHB ProTalk Podcast

A guest appearance on a podcast is always a bit unknown. Will the host ask questions that I struggle to answer? Will the conversation flow in strange directions? Will I enjoy it or be counting the minutes until it is over? All my fears were allayed on this recent episode of Fine Homebuilding ProTalk Podcast […]

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EXPOSURE: Light for All

The final article in my series for Designing Lighting is out, and it is bittersweet to have wrapped up a year of writing for this industry publication. I’m excited for the next challenge (stay tuned, I have another series or two beginning in other publications soon), and grateful for the space and opportunity to write […]

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DON’T/DO THIS: Dining Rooms

Tonight we are going to a nearby restaurant for the first time, a local Italian spot with a reputation for meatballs. We will be evaluating the food to be certain, but also evaluating the atmosphere. Is it a place we would enjoy again? Would we bring friends or out-of-town family here? Our decision will likely […]

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THINK LIGHT: Light + Justice

Of all the moments of discovery, connection, and understanding provided at LightFair this year, none stirred my emotions or challenged my thinking as deeply as the fifty minutes allotted to the Light + Justice conference session. Led by Edward Bartholomew, Mark Loeffler, and Lya S. Osborn, the presentation shook up my thinking and clarified my focus. […]

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Light Can Help You